Jackie Shuman  Music Supervisor

Jackie Shuman

Music Supervisor

“I would absolutely recommend Soundnoodle to other music supervisors. Soundnoodle were truly excited about the creative process involved with my custom composition needs. I never felt like I had to bug them to get work done. They are eager to get to work and love what they do! I like the quick turnaround and how open they are to any necessary edits (which are rarely needed, anyway!)”  

Jackie Shuman | Music Supervisor | Film: Mount Lawrence    ...READ MORE


“Soundnoodle turns around great work, fast, at a high level. They are easy to work with and are great at responding to a brief. We've already recommended Soundnoodle because these gents can deliver on a variety of projects.”  

Ryo Sanada | Producer at SRK | Brand: Adidas | Campaign: #mygirls   ...READ MORE

Shaz Hassan  Producer at SRK

Shaz Hassan

Producer at SRK

Mariam Aziz  Film Producer

Mariam Aziz

Film Producer

“The folks at Soundnoodle really took the time to understand the needs of my film. In terms of the score, they were committed to bringing out the true tone of the piece. They brought a really playful element to the diegetic, lyric-based composition at the heart of the film and were able to blend this into the overall serious tone. They were also great in terms of turnaround times. They have a unique, strong voice and I can't wait to work with them again!” 

Mariam Aziz | Writer and Director | Film: "Who is Paloma Carter?"