What is Soundnoodle?

We create and provide original, pre-cleared music for use in television, film, web, on-hold, advertising and new media. We work with you every step of the way to produce the right sound for your project.


What separates us from other music providers?

We're three guys who've been making music together since high school. We've all embarked on separate careers within the music and tech industries and have gained valuable experience in branding and business, but music is still and always will be the loudest passion in the room at any given moment (food sometimes takes over, hence the noodles).

Friends would ask us to make music for films, animations, and projects, and we would always jump at the chance because we enjoyed doing it. Soundnoodle is really just an extension of that. It's important to us that we continue having fun with it; not just for us, but also for anyone we work with. We want to give you the best music and service possible, because anything less just wouldn't be as fun.


What do you know about branding?

Branding has been a major focus of our careers within the music industry. Throughout our jobs in radio, game design, concert promotion, and atmosphere design, we're always the ones asking, "who are we reaching and how are we reaching them?" Coincidentally, we're also the ones always asking, "what, no ketchup?"

After learning what makes your brand unique, we focus on where you want your brand to be. We can provide you with a detailed sound plan so you will know how, and in what capacity, to best implement your new brand music. We know that not all businesses have the same budget, so we offer a flexible system featuring custom music, semi-custom, and stock. Please see our Brand page to determine which option bests fit your goals and budget.


How long does the design process take?

It all depends on the complexity of your project. While a typical project can range from 1-3 weeks, the timeline may vary.


Do you provide lyrics?

If your project calls for accompanying words, we can accommodate. While some clients do provide words or lyrics, most take advantage of our accomplished lyricists and composers to craft your voice. 


What is the finished product like? 

Whether it's custom, semi-custom or stock, your music will be delivered to you in the format(s) requested. We work with you to guarantee that the finished product meets your needs. 


Where is the music produced?

Our music is produced at our production facilities in Austin, TX and San Diego, CA.



Didn't see your question answered? Send us an email at so we can get to the bottom of it.