Made-to-order sound for storytellers. Make love not snore. 


Why made-to-order? 

We translate your vision to sound. When you come to us with a request, we start fresh. No more endless searching for that elusive track, or legal confusion once you find it. We work directly with you to provide exactly what you envision. Don’t detract from your visuals by limiting the potential of your audio. Together we can create the experience that you set out to make.

What separates us from other music agencies?

We give more credence to your vision. We start from square one to understand what the project needs and how to deliver on it. Instead of compromising on a licensed library track that might be close enough, we build your sound from scratch to meet your specifications. Our clients have found that this approach gives more control to the creative vision.

Imagine JAWS with library music. "Dun nuh...dun nuh..." 

Now that is a scary thought! Why not use original music? Your message deserves it. We can't deny that libraries offer a large selection of searchable music with some real quality work. But, (1) Does it reach your audience? (2) Does it elicit the emotion you desire? (3) Do you know what other brands or storytellers are using the same music? At Soundnoodle, every note is unique to yourmessage. And in the time it takes to search libraries, make track edits, and match music to screen, Soundnoodle has delivered your breakthrough sound. 

Soundnoodle is a storyteller's secret weapon.

Your visuals are set. What you need now is a breakthrough sound. You know what emotion you want your music to create, but endless library searches, edits, and compromises can waste time and stall out your progress. Align the right sound to your vision with music that delivers on message. Soundnoodle delivers fast, fresh and made-to-order sound. And when we see over 5,000 ads per day, it is important to make sure your message is heard. Research shows 62% of TV viewers pick up their phones when the advertising break starts. And while they might not be watching they do still listen. Soundnoodle makes sure you can be heard.