When we first started SoundNoodle, we realized that we'd been making original music for all things disparate under the sun, from viral videos to daycare promos. Instead of seeing our eclectic palette as a drawback, we embraced the fact that we were up for anything. We're now proud to provide expertise among a variety of sound opportunities, from sound logos and product sonification to sound installations and sound design for broadcast, film and interactive. Please feel free to browse some examples of our work below. 


NIKE - Mexico's leg of NIKE's "We Run" campaign urged different barrios of Mexico City to challenge each other by running the most km leading up to the big race. We produced tracks inspired by some of the competing barrios and then scored NIKE's race in one of the largest cities in the world. Learn more.


KUTX - We designed the sonic strategy for a leading public radio station in Austin. KUTX serves musicians, artists, and the community; it's the Austin Music Experience.


ROMANTIX - We crafted a bubbly national radio campaign for one of the largest adult merchandise retailers in the United States. 



NIKE SKATEBOARDING - For Nike SB's Patinando Con Los Muertos campaign, they asked us to score their promotional recap using preternatural Aztec-inspired sounds.


CLARINS BB CREAM : THE MULTITASKER - We provided a fresh and classy soundtrack for Clarins' BB Cream campaign.



HUMANS ARE DISGUSTING! INFOGRAPHIC - Learn more than you ever wanted to know about the human body with this askew informational video set to a breezy bossa track. Featured on Gizmodo and Right This Minute. Explicit language warning. --- Produced by Aaron Rogers


IT'S OKAY TO BE SMART - A new web series covering all things science!. Scientist Joe Hanson's fresh take on how to teach science inspire us to design original music for them that's both current and eerily ancient. Stuff that's definitely cool, but also taps into the vast enigmas of the universe.




TEXANS CARE FOR CHILDREN - Leading policy advances for Texas children since 1985. Texans Care for Children leads the change that makes children's lives better.





THE JEWISH ACADEMY - The Jewish Academy promotes a student-centered community combining academic excellence with a rich Jewish heritage. We provided a warm and light track for the video that greets visitors to their website.




JOHNNY CONSTELLATION - We are avid fans of both video games and space. This iPad app inspired us to realize a music landscape that feels both youthful and lonely (it's hard out there in space), to match the heroic struggles of Mr. Constellation.


GAMESALAD - An online community for sharing ideas through games. We tapped into the raw, geeky DIY ethos that the company built its reputation on to create a track for a software promotion campaign.



MOZIGN - A mobile application design company we worked with to design music for their gambling guide, as well as the theme for their official Maccabi Tel Aviv application.


MACCABI TEL AVIV - The Official Maccabi "Electra" Tel Aviv app. We knew we had to create a sound identity that sounds as wild on your phone as it does in the arena. 






ALL YOU CAN EAT - TV host Randy Stormberg stops in on a Southern burger joint where he eats some local favorites, and considers his life choices.

Created by Alex Mechanik and Samy Burch

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Slamdance Film Festival, Cucalorus Film Festival




THE MUD - A grieving young couple suffer each others company in a stale seaside home until one night, a feral mudcreature appears in their kitchen. Upon washing her, they discover a malleable innocent fit to become a lady! Maybe.

Written by Nigel DeFriez, Directed by Nigel DeFriez, Robert Malone, Kira Pearson and Brooke Bundy

OFFICIAL SELECTION: California Independent Film Festival, Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, Cinema Club at IndieScreen


WIDOW - A lively woman bravely faces the possibility of starting over in her golden years.

Written and Directed by Lauren Kinsler

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Sarasota Film Festival, Berlinale Talent Campus, NewFilmmakers at Anthology Film Archives



ON HOLD LIBRARY MUSIC - With our custom music library, we provide innovative messaging solutions designed to creatively reach customers on-hold, in the store or on the go, using mobile technology. To see our featured on-hold catalog, check out our library.



TIMEFLUX - Time travel has been a promise of the near to distant future. We have been working on ambient theme music to follow you through time and space to meet the atmospheric challenges of both future, past, and present.

Hey, we don't wanna be the ones with egg on our faces when the technology is finally ready.

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